• Investment Strategy

    Vision Property Partners Ltd

    With diversification a core requirement for any successful investment strategy, a profitable property portfolio is no different. Here we clarify the types of property investment acquisitions currently available through our specialist advisors.

  • The buy to let market is one of the most successful property investment models in the UK and more than a million investors use but to let to generate an income from their asset capital. Tenancy in London is more common than ownership and with the population ever increasing, the city will always need more homes for people to live in.

  • Capital Appreciation

    Vision Property Partners Ltd

    Investing in property with the motive of taking a short to medium term view is an integral part of any high profit margin property portfolio. Where the buy-to-let market is a key income generator for the medium to long term, the capital growth investment model is one that seeks to achieve quick realisable profit.

  • Refurbished Property

    Vision Property Partners Ltd

    With flat shares now a common part of the property market, refurbishing a 1-2 bedroom house to accommodate double the original tenancy is a great example of how to maximise rental yield. With our main focus being in London refurbished properties can be lucrative both for capital appreciation and rental yield.